Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Integrity, Authenticity & Accountability

Speak with integrity, lead with authenticity and hold yourself accountable

Here are my comments regarding the article, '5 ways to be a conscious leader'.

1. Cultivate self-awareness-
Becoming self-aware is arguably the single most beneficial thing you can do to up your leadership style. 

As a leader and as a coach, I believe every leader can benefit from coaching, as I have found it develops self-awareness. I wonder if it becomes more important for leaders to develop self-awareness with their increased responsibility? I’ve read about the isolation and loneliness some Principals experience and question if they had the support of a coach, could this assist? It’s important to also mention that coaching is based on a trusting relationship, which I have previously articulated in the article, ‘The Benefits of Coaching’.

2. Check your influence-
We are the product of the five people we most associate with

This year I attained a leadership position at a new school and I have been reflecting on the characteristics of acquaintances, colleagues, and edu-friends. Over the years, it’s been interesting to observe who has made the effort to stay connected and who hasn’t. It’s not a judgement but I wonder if the conversation or relationship is elicited by the context or your role?

Throughout the years, my critical friends or my go-to people have changed. But then, there are some who for whatever reason, are always there, whether it be to support, to be a critical friend, to push my thinking or to ask the difficult questions. Every school holidays, I make an effort to meet up with educators who I admire and respect. Selfishly, these conversations inspire and can reignite my passion. I truly value these conversations. I can name the 5 people who continue to be influential in my education career…. can you?

3. Meditate-
The great thing about this ancient tradition is that there are many forms of meditation.

My drive to work has been extended so I have an additional time to plan or reflect on my day. Yet, I do know this is an area where more focus in needed. 

4. Be intentional-
Conscious leaders succeed because they bring intention to everything they do. 

As an educator, I have learnt to ask one question. “What is the purpose and what is my intention?” If I stay true to always asking this question, then I will stay true to myself. Although schools are busy places, we should make the effort to pause and question the services, processes and traditions we have continued. I’m not saying we should change everything but we should ask about the intention and the purpose. 

5. Practice the four agreements-

1. Be impeccable with your word (Say only what you mean, and don’t gossip or speak negatively).

It’s easy to get drawn into gossip or to speak negatively when you’re tired and feeling overworked.  It takes effort to stay low on the inferential ladder.

2. Don’t take anything personally (Nothing that others do is because of you, it is all a projection of their own reality).

Teaching is personal, especially when you invest so much of yourself in your work. This agreement is difficult to sustain. I have learnt to not respond immediately. Take at least one night to respond and speak with a critical friend. Firing back immediately never generates the most rational conversation.

3. Don’t make assumptions (Instead, have the courage to ask questions and communicate).

Being a coach has really helped me development my ability to not jump to conclusions or assume. Staying low on the inference later is vital

4. Always do your best (Your best may change day to day, but by doing your best you can avoid self-judgement and regret).

I think leaders and teachers judge themselves too harshly. Educators tend to hold criticism like Velcro and compliments like Teflon.

Please feel free to provide some comments on this article and my reflections.


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  1. Hi Andrea
    A great reflective post, I finally had time to read it.

    I love seeing how your ideas are developing and growing :) These ideas are what I'm currently working through.