Thursday, 2 April 2015

It’s not about YOU.

Years back, someone shared an opinion that really affected me. At the time, I felt misunderstood but today, I see that there was an element of truth in their comment, proving that reflection has no expiry date. There are some people whose words are like Teflon-you acknowledge them but they have little or no impact. And yet, there are those whose words stick like Velcro, be it positive or negative. However, you have the power to question, accept, disregard or grow from people's opinions and comments. I believe for this to be the most effective you need to know thyself. As a leader, the focus cannot be just on you but on the big picture that involves others.

At this week’s Renaissance Women’s Network Meeting, Dr Scott @BrionyScott spoke about Transactional Analysis.

Since then, I have reflected and identified various personal and professional conversations using this analysis. Dr Scott spoke of the need for validation, the negative vortex and encountering those who are passive aggressive. 

Dr Archard @NicoleArchard provided a visual illustrating how leadership is complicated. Here are some of the tweets from Renaissance Women’s Leadership Network. #rwln
  • Leadership is not about you - Briony Scott
  • Good coaches, good mentors-you need ppl to challenge you for you to grow as a leader 
  • You may be stressed and/or busy - but you need more to be challenged. Know yourself  
  • When in leadership, You have to grow up...can be tough. 
  • Be prepared for short term losses-take the high road. 
  • Leaders make other ppl look good & move forward.
  • Leadership is a journey...each step is a little bud of growth and the 'getting' of wisdom 
Some questions to consider-
  • Do your colleagues know you believe in them through your actions? 
  • Do you make excuses or highlight the mistakes of others when feeling insecure?
  • Do you let others shine even if you were instrumental in their success?
  • Are you seen as a learner who takes risks and makes mistakes? 
  • When mistakes are made, are you willing to own it?
  • Do you seek advice from others regardless of their role or position? 
  • Are you willing to lose the small battles for the sake of the big picture?
  • Do your respond with optimism when placed in difficult situations? 

Twitter has many amazing, humble educators and leaders that network, collaborate, and share their resources and knowledge. I value humility now more than ever before. Education and leadership is not about one person but more about how one person can make a difference.

The learning continues...