Friday, 9 February 2018

2018: Lean in, Step up, Reach out.

I know it's already February. I wrote this post at the beginning of January knowing I wouldn't release it until now. I saw many tweets from people sharing their 2017 achievements. As my 2017 word was marinate, I suppose I achieved my goal. But to be honest, this word failed me. I feel like I haven’t achieved anything of significance. Marinating does not reflect me or my personality. I thought I needed to slow down but I enjoy being challenged, designing new learning experiences and/or working on projects. It feeds my soul or edumojo. This time I’ve thought about a theme that resonates more with me. With each passing year, I get to know myself better. This year I’m turning 50 and I intend to make the most of every moment, opportunity and event. 

Recently I shared a professional opportunity with a friend and their response; “You’ve got this!”  Three simple words that meant so much. Someone believes that have the ability and skills to achieve this, and that I am qualified and experienced to be successful. 

I said it out loud, ‘You’ve got this!’ Then the self talk came into play. You know what?....I have.

"I’ve got this!"

So my choice theme for this year is simple. I’m going to tell myself, 'I’ve got this!'
I will be braver, stronger, more courageous. 
I will Lean in, Step up, Reach out. 
  • I won’t feel guilty about saying no, as it’s sometime just as important as saying yes.
  • I won’t hold back because I’m worried what others think or fear judgement. 
  • I will acknowledge my strengths more and not compare myself to others. 


Thank you to my critical friends for your constant encouragement and support  - Matt, JJ & Chris. 

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