Tuesday, 13 December 2016


I have been wondering why I'm struggling to reflect on 2016. Unexpectedly, Yong Zhao came to mind. He mentions how we tend to focus more on what the student hasn't achieved, met, accomplished, or is still developing. We should build upon their identified strengths. I am questioning why I focus more on what I didn't achieve or accomplish or why I don't feel content or satisfied....The deficit model of professional learning.

If you asked your students to label their strengths, could they? Are they comfortable identifying their strengths? With 2017 on the horizon, I'm sure many are thinking of goals based on challenges or identified 'areas for improvement' but have you ever had a goal based on your strengths? Education typically focuses on identifying shortcomings and challenges and what is needed to improve (NAPLAN, PISA). I suggest we often forget to balance working on areas for improvement with strengths. These are my self-identified strengths.
  1. Present - Being truly present when interacting with someone.
  2. Generous - If you ask me to do something, I majority of time, I deliver. 
  3. Passionate - I'm passionate about education. I have even apologised for that in the past.

Let's celebrate being in education and identify your strengths. Name 3 of your strengths.

Be positive and proud! 

 Please use the hashtag #3strengths


  1. Hi Andrea

    Thanks for the prompt to reflect. My 3 strengths:

    Purposeful. I focus on what really matters and the core intent of what we are trying to achieve.

    Resourceful. I recognise the value of expertise and insight that lies beyond me and seek to capture that to enrich the lives and learning of those around me.

    Human. I get excited, I get disappointed. Working with little humans every day, it is with the human fundamental that I seek to relate, rather than one of role or authority.

    Here's to a great 2017.

  2. This is hard... it is easier to identify areas to improve. Off the top of my head...

    Consistent and open: I am always there and I am prepared to take the time to stop and listen

    Technology: I can get the most from it, so the learning is the focus NOT the technology

    Understand 15-19 year olds: I love working with this age group and I enjoy talking and helping them to better understand themselves.

    Thanks for your sharing