Saturday, 15 October 2016

Women Role Models

I grew up in an era when some mums worked part time while their children were at school. They were always there when you left and there upon your return. And somewhere in between they managed to cook, iron, clean, sew, shop and the list goes on. Times were changing as women were permitted to work but also expected to keep house & raise a family too.

Yet there were those who believed that women should be at home during the day to make sure everything was 'just right' when the husband returned home from work. I remember hearing someone say that women don't know how to look after their husbands anymore.

Years ago, I met with a male leader in an education system to inquire about a PhD scholarship. He responded by saying, "But you have 3 children and a husband, don't you think you should just do a masters?" Clearly, he hadn't taken the time to read my CV and I wondered if a male would have received the same response.

October is Women’s History Month in Canada where they recognise the contributions of women. On social media they are using the hashtag #BecauseOfHer to show how extraordinary women, both past and present have great influence. 

When I listen to Michelle Obama, this week and Malala and Women Leaders in previous times, I am confident that gender equity is progressing. Do you have role models or mentors in your life? Role models don't have to be famous; they don't necessarily need a platform, but their voices need to be heard. We are moving forward but is it fast enough and are we ALL contributing? 

I do believe my daughters have a more equitable future because women are projecting their voices, challenging the norm, and slowly being heard.

Please feel free to list your role models or mentors in the comments box.


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