Monday, 18 July 2016

Do you encourage or discourage?

I encourage educators to tweet, blog, present, study, publish and step out of their comfort zone and into their learning zone. Some want to share and learn from others. Some may ask for feedback. Let me clarify-questioning and inquiring should be encouraged but making opinionated comments is not constructive feedback. Not all who post on Twitter are looking to be critiqued, judged or challenged. 
And yet... a brief scathing tweet may discourage, dishearten & disengage the educator from social media. The comment may even push them into the panic zone. If you don't agree with their beliefs, opinions or comments, instead of slamming publicly, why not DM and keep it private? You just don't know if that tweet you just slammed was someone taking a risk, which we encourage in our students-take risks!

Do we have the right to publicly criticise on Twitter? Twitter has many benefits and I appreciate this social platform for learning but should all tweets or tweeters be fair game for criticism? With the popularity of social media increasing daily, it is our social responsibility to stop and think before we tweet and comment negatively. Model being a respectful communicator for your students.


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