Thursday, 21 April 2016

Stay true to the process & the purpose.

I’ve been thinking about various trends in education. We all know that at times, education is full of jargon and buzzwords, and there is always the newest 'thing'. However, in the rush to implement the newest thing, sometimes educators may dismiss or neglect important philosophies, components or elements. When concepts like project based learning or instructional coaching become popular, they can become tainted when sufficient time is not taken to learn the process. The chart below clearly highlights the difference between Projects and Project Based Learning.

At times, concepts like project based learning and instructional coaching are adapted to ‘fit’ personal ideals, beliefs or needs. I believe instructional coaching has even been utilised for evaluation, which was not the intended 'partnership' approach. Professional learning is not the same as evaluation. I view instructional coaching similar to formative assessment and evaluation similar to summative assessment. Both have a very different purpose. I am all for adopting and adapting programs, lessons, activities but when you alter or ignore important steps or processes, the integrity, authenticity and strength is compromised and the purpose is corrupted. It is highly recommended to take time to research and learn from those more experienced and/or those who share. Twitter is a collaborative platform with many educators keen to give freely. The Buck Institute share all their materials and resources and Jim Knight provides many resources and information on the Kansas Coaching Project website.

Take time 

Be professional

Stay true to the purpose

Stay curious...


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