Friday, 26 February 2016

It's Personal

Technology is an effective tool for communication. This week I shared my learning of Twitter, blogging, TeachMeets and Voxer and how I utilise these platforms to connect with educators. Being connected has many advantages but as a coach, I believe a more authentic trusting relationship is established by connecting on a personal basis.

Emails have so many benefits as you can quickly respond, provide information or seek clarification. A wise women shared that if your email requires more than two small paragraphs, then maybe you should speak in-person with the recipient. If your email consists of a comment, issue or argument that is complex, it may be wise to initiate a conversation either by phone or in person.

I believe corresponding through emails can, at times, slow or even hinder the building of a trusting relationship. We all hear education is built on relationships and how trust is so important. I suppose it comes down to efficiency versus effectiveness. Next time I commence writing an email, I am going to ask myself-could I pick up the phone, walk down the hall, or make the effort to have a personal conversation? If education is built on relationships and trust, shouldn't I respect and value these relationships and make that extra effort?

The questions continue...

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