Saturday, 20 June 2015

#EdVentures Part 7: Makers at Marymount

Derrick Gay advised me to meet up with Kim Marvin. I had a busy week scheduled and by the sounds of Kim’s Voxer messages, so did she. We organised to meet through a 3-way conversation on Voxer. We were having lunch on my last day, Friday but I changed everyone’s plans by catching a taxi just before midday. Derrick said it was forgivable, as I’m a newbie to New York. $34 and 1 hour later, I arrived. I apologised as I walked into the school, as I’m not usually late. Lucky for me, Kim replied with ‘Don't worry, I had plenty of work to continue with’. We headed straight out of the school for lunch. Kim and I chatted about our education, our schools, our families and our passion. I could see why Derrick thought we should meet. 

Met Don Buckley
After lunch she mentioned that Marymount was hosting a conference. I said that I would be interested to observe and what was the topic. Design. Do. Discover. D3. What had I stumbled upon? Gold!!! Design Thinking and Maker Spaces. I loved what I was seeing. Teachers were working independently or collaboratively, just as the students would. I met Jaymes Dec and Don Buckley who told me about the tours they were conducting of Maker Spaces-SVA Visible Futures Lab, NYU-ITP & CTC Exhibition at Teachers College. So I did what all 'take every opportunity to learn' educators would do…I delayed my train trip to Boston, and contacted them via Twitter. I was fortunate enough to visit SVU and NYU Maker Spaces and connect with some very creative people in the #d32015 workshop. What a wonderful opportunity!

Gratitude Journal-

Derrick Gay- for connecting me with awesome people & opportunities in New York
Kim Marvin-for inviting me into your education world.
Don Buckley & James Dec- for including this Aussie into the group.
All the educators attending the workshop for making me so welcome.

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