Wednesday, 10 December 2014

1st Impressions

A first impression is when another person forms an opinion about you based on either your appearance, attitude, mannerism etc. It could also be determined after a reading a few tweets, a blog or after a brief conversation. Unfortunately people can also form an opinion about you based on what they’ve heard from others. As an opinion or impression is a personal view or belief, doesn't listening to others really defeat the purpose? While first impressions are supposed to be just that, I wonder how often we allow ourselves to develop a better or more informed impression of others? 

Unfortunately, first impressions can be hard to change. Do you ever get a do-over? Can you change someone’s opinion of you? Do you want to change their opinion of you? 

The last few years have been rewarding and exciting, as I have connected with some amazing supportive educators, some whom I now call friends. Initially, I thought our differences were too great to really connect. Differences such as-

  • age
  • systems
  • teaching qualifications
  • location
  • years of experience

Sometimes it's good to be wrong! 
Have you ever met someone and realised later that you initially had the wrong impression? Maybe they were too loud, or you were too loud for them, you didn’t engaged in conversation or you felt you had nothing in common. What I've realised is that my opinions of others sometimes alters over time. I don’t mean my view has completely changed but I've become more informed. Whenever I make an important decision, I research so my decision is well informed. Similarly, I think you need to be informed to have an opinion of others, both adults and children. When I see how one handles different situations, circumstances or challenges, his or her strengths, characteristics and personality are revealed.

Please read this article I recently viewed on LinkedIn -

The question I ask is do we allow sufficient time to really get to know our colleagues, students or new acquaintances? In 2015, I will be working with new colleagues and students and I intend to spend time really getting to know them. Time is said to be our most precious resource, so spend it wisely connecting with your new teams, colleagues and students.

With a growth mindset, people may just supersede your first impression.


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