Friday, 9 September 2016


Do you know someone who has had their integrity questioned? Do you ever stop and think how you would handle the same situation? Would you have sympathy, empathy or apathy?

Many emotions would surface-

Insulting … especially when it’s done publicly.
Shocking … does someone actually thinks that about them?
Confusing…where is this coming from?
Hurtful … one reflects on their actions and asks why?
Frustrating … one's reputation could be marred.
Creates anxiety … who controls their reputation?
Heartbreaking … people work (sometimes) a lifetime to establish their integrity.
Personal … that’s it…It’s PERSONAL!

If we care about the person, we'd be sympathetic.
If we had walked in their shoes, we'd be empathetic.
If we have no concern at all, we'd be apathetic.

It could be argued that we all should think before we speak, blog, text, present, tweet but that solution simplifies the problem...or does it? 


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