Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Time for this moderator to move on...

I’ve been moderating #satchatOC & #satchatOZ for 3 years and in that time, I’ve met some outstanding educators, both virtually and in reality. I have never received any payment of money, free conferences, or anything of that nature. My purpose on #satchatOZ has never been about getting known, generating more followers, or receiving endorsements or sponsorships. It’s been about the LEARNING! Providing free professional learning that will hopefully benefit all students, while supporting teachers. I won’t deny it has enabled me to connect with educators who I thought were way out of my league. But that’s the great thing about Twitter; it levels the playing field. We can converse with those who are more experienced and while some may call them edu-rockstars, I call them well-known or more experienced. However, I also approached educators who I thought were up and coming or others requested. I invited those I believed would inspire or even challenge others beliefs and ideas.

So what did I receive from searching, preparing and moderating #satchatOZ for the last 3 years? The payoff is simple. I got to collaborate (most times) with some of the best educators in their field. I didn’t realise how much I enjoy collaborating and discussing topics until once it wasn’t possible. I am not sure people realise how much time and effort goes into #satchatOZ.

The #satchatOZ goal was to spark an interest, an idea, introduce new strategies, resources, or even challenge one’s thinking. It's intrinsically rewarding but lately, I have been wondering if it’s time for me to move on or pass the baton. I'm sure there’s someone else who can provide new ideas and energy to #satchatOZ. 

I am so very grateful to Brad, Billy & Scott who randomly invited me into the team. I’ve also appreciated my co-moderators-Holly, Jason, Andy and Tina for all the effort and time they’ve provided. Thank you to all those generous guests who have given their time and knowledge. I am lucky to call many of these guests, my friends. #satchatOZ is not a chat without its participants/educators.

I want to thank all of those who have tweeted, lurked, challenged my thinking or read the Storify. You have definitely made me think more, learn more and reflect more and for this,


The learning continues... @stringer_andrea


  1. Yes I do know and appreciate the time and energy required to set up and moderate chat. I don't know how you did it every week!

    So, Thankyou!


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  3. Congratulations Andrea! Well done :)

  4. well done for all your work on this Andrea! Yes when time is up, you know it in your bones!